AI for Business Writing

Learn to merge the power of AI with critical thinking and the optimal business writing process to produce discerned, clear documents

Human-Driven and AI-Driven


AI is a fantastic time-saving tool that every business writer needs to embrace, but writers must control and direct AI with discerned critical thinking and a logical process to ensure quality output every time. 

Participants learn to write with AI efficiently and safely, maximizing their human-driven skills with the efficiency and power of AI. 

In our training, your team will learn to integrate AI and our proven 6-step optimal business writing process:

  • Direct AI to effectively and quickly research and think through issues

  • Guide AI to write actual work documents with full control of content

  • Eliminate bloat, refine tone, and correct grammar with AI

  • Assess the quality of writing generated with AI substantively and syntactically

  • Discern which AI tools are best for your writing requirements

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Training Options

All of our courses now address the core concepts of writing effectively with AI. As the leading business writing training company in North America, we're committed to helping our clients work better by writing better using all current technologies.

Additionally, we offer specific training on using AI effectively:

Existing Client Training

Group webinars to build on existing skills to train your team to integrate AI effectively and safely.

New Client Training

Our core optimal business writing process + AI training ensures your team effectively harnesses the power of AI

Consulting and Training

We will assess current writing with AI, define goals and concerns for adoption, and develop customized training 

Download our free guide on implementing AI tools into your business writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI for business writing?

AI for business writing refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies, such as Chat GPT and others, to assist in creating, editing, and optimizing a wide range of business-related content. This includes generating emails, technical reports, business reports, white papers, proposals, marketing materials, and other types of professional communication.

AI tools can enhance clarity, grammar, tone, and style—if used correctly—making business writing more efficient and effective. They can also provide personalized content suggestions and automate routine writing tasks, allowing professionals to focus on more strategic activities.

How can AI improve business communication?

AI can improve business communication or harm it, depending on how it's used. Used well, it can enhance the clarity, accuracy, and efficiency of written interactions.

It can automatically correct grammar and spelling errors, suggest more effective phrasing, and tailor messages to specific audiences.

AI can also analyze large volumes of communication data to provide insights into customer preferences and sentiment, enabling more personalized and impactful interactions. Additionally, AI-powered tools can automate routine tasks such as drafting simple emails, freeing up time for employees to focus on more strategic work.

What are the benefits of using AI in corporate writing?

AI for corporate writing offers numerous benefits—if it's used well—including aiding accuracy and consistency in documents and faster content creation.

It can help maintain a professional tone and style, correct grammar and spelling errors, and provide real-time suggestions for better phrasing.

AI tools also streamline writing by automating routine tasks such as generating technical reports, drafting emails, and preparing presentations. This efficiency not only saves time but also allows employees to focus on higher-value activities, ultimately boosting productivity and enhancing overall communication within the organization.

What are the ethical considerations of using AI in business writing?

The four primary concerns of using AI in business writing include:

  1. Ensuring accuracy of outputs:

    The writer's critical thinking and assessment of the outputs are essential. AI can hallucinate, omit key factors, and include information from questionable sources.

  2. Maintaining data privacy:

    AI scans massive amounts of information to add to its collective database. Confidential or proprietary information should not be shared in open-source AI systems.

  3. Avoiding biases:

    The risk of bias in AI arises when the data used to train AI models reflects existing prejudices or inequalities, leading to biased outcomes. In business writing, biased AI can skew language and tone.

    It is crucial to use diverse and representative training data and continuously monitor AI outputs.

  4. Guidance and transparency on its use:

    Employees need information that clearly communicates when and how AI tools should be employed in content creation. This includes informing users and recipients that AI-generated or assisted the writing process. 

Is it worth training my employees on using AI?

Yes! AI tools can provide real-time grammar and style suggestions, optimize communication for different audiences, and automate repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their work.

AI business writer training can also improve technical writing skills and help employees understand how to effectively utilize AI tools when creating their technical documents. Training should cover topics such as how to effectively integrate AI tools into the technical writing process, how to interpret and act on AI-generated suggestions, and how to identify and address biases in AI-generated content.

Which AI tools are best for business writing?

To generate typical business documents with AI, we recommend the paid version of Chat GPT.

Specialty tools: 

  • Grammarly for grammar and style enhancement
  • Jasper (formerly Jarvis) for content generation and marketing copy
  • Hemingway Editor for readability improvement
  • ProWritingAid for comprehensive writing analysis and editing.
  • Tools like Microsoft Editor and Google Workspace’s Smart Compose offer integrated AI writing assistance within popular office software. 
Can AI improve employee writing productivity?

Good business writing training is a massive productivity enhancement without AI. Adding AI exponentially increases impact.

  • Our clients report that they expect to reduce their writing time by 25% after training.

  • Assuming we train 30 employees who each earn $75,000 and write for just three hours per day (a low assumption), the reported 25% reduction in writing time will:

Improving employee writing is a massive productivity opportunity because most positions spend most of their day writing. 
Layering AI capabilities will additionally improve employee productivity by automating repetitive tasks, providing real-time writing assistance, and generating content quickly. This efficiency boost can lead to faster project completion and overall better performance within the organization.
What is the future of AI in business writing?

The future of AI in business writing is a rapidly evolving landscape, making it impossible to predict accurately. This rapid evolution underscores the urgency for employees to stay updated and adapt to the changes.

We are certain that the inflection point of AI use in business writing is here, and employees need to learn to use it effectively.

AI in the future will most likely include more advanced natural language processing, greater personalization, more direct integration with business tools, and enhanced capabilities for generating and optimizing content.

There will likely be employment disruptions as some work is automated more.

Our mission has always been to help our clients advance their careers and businesses with strong writing. Our training enables employees to control AI, maximize its potential without being dependent on it, and hone competitive skills to match a changing writing and employment landscape.

How do we implement AI for corporate writing?

Let's schedule a meeting to discuss your goals.

We'll tailor training to achieve those goals in the least amount of time for the biggest impact at the best price. 


Ready to leverage AI for business writing?

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