About Instructional Solutions

Instructional Solutions is a business writing company.

View our client list, read some client testimonials, and let's see how we can improve your organization's business writing.

We are based in Princeton, New Jersey, with an online learning management system and instructors available worldwide. We are privately held and have been in business since 1998.

Why business writing?

Our company is based on a core belief: clear business writing is a huge competitive advantage. It is the currency that conveys a company's products and knowledge, and the primary connection with customers.

Business writing is its own rhetoric, unlike academic writing or fiction, with its own process. Good business writing is about more than writing. Clear writing reflects clear thinking. Learn to make the complex understandable. Learn to put yourself in your reader's shoes. Know what to omit or correct. Add in electronic communication, and the opportunity to move information and value is amazing for those companies who hone these employee skills.

Business writing brings great value to those who are good at it. Our goal is to help our clients be the best at it.

How we improve business writing:

Learn to write the complex into an easily understood report. Close the email with a message that solves the problem. Submit a proposal that wins business. Summarize the meeting succinctly. Document research to meet regulatory requirements. Every document, whether it is an email, report, proposal, brochure, customer service message, executive summary, sales response, blog article, or meeting minutes, is an opportunity.

What ensures your results:

  • Over 20 years of experience.
  • Very loyal clients: Many of our large corporate clients have entrusted us to hone their employees' business writing skills since our founding in 1998.
  • All of our training includes award-winning instructor feedback and support.
  • Customized training to match your goals and documents is always an option, for both online and onsite courses.
  • Flexible delivery options.
  • Participants, on average, decrease their writing time 30%, translating into huge cost savings and increased productivity.
  • Ongoing client support, after formal training concludes, is included.
  • All instructors have experience teaching college-level writing and hold graduate degrees specific to writing or teaching.
  • eLearning and business writing expertise.
  • Vast content and delivery resources.

Our blog, Business Writing Info, provides expert advice for two million readers a year on style, email, reports, proposals, clarity, and current business writing issues. Freshen your skills with tips sent right to your inbox.