Customer Service Writing Course

Broad-based business writing training with a focus on customer support, writing faster and more effectively.

Available for groups as a self-paced online course, instructor-led virtual or instructor-led onsite training, and for individuals as a self-paced online course.

Course Overview

So much of customer service is written. Emails, support tickets, knowledge base articles, etc. It’s all in writing. Customer support writing requirements are unique because both clear information that resolves a problem and caring tone are needed.

The ability to write support requisite documents well — and an understanding of how to craft any document — results in happy clientele who not only stick around, but share their positive experience with others, bringing in new revenue.

This course teaches participants to write these requisite customer support documents more effectively and in less time. This means more satisfied, retained customers.

It also teaches the optimal process for writing any support document that conveys a clear message, using a competent and empathetic tone.

Participants receive detailed, individual written feedback on their writing.

Once you finish the Customer Service Writing Course you will be able to:
  • Understand that the foundation of effective customer service communication is leaving the customer feeling good about the interaction and solving the customer's problem.
  • Write customer service communications that elicit the business response you seek.
  • Generate and organize ideas effectively, thus saving time and effort.
  • Understand appropriate language and content for audience needs.
  • Eliminate bloat.
  • Write clear, succinct customer support messages.
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Customer Service Writing Course Outline
This complete course outline will show you exactly how we structure our classes to help your team or you quickly become an excellent customer support writer.
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Individual enrollment
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Who is this course for?

This course is a great fit for you or your organization if:

  • You’re in charge of a customer support team or division in your company and looking to improve your team's overall writing skills.
  • You're an individual in a customer service position looking to improve your writing skills to become a more effective communicator or more qualified for a new job or promotion.
  • You work in an industry or role that involves writing any key customer-facing documents.
  • You are new to customer service writing yourself.

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Customer Service Writing Certificate

Course Certificate

After completing the course, you will earn a personalized certificate. You can display your certificate in the certification section of your LinkedIn profile, download it to print, or mention it in your résumé.

Individual Written Feedback

In this course, you will also get individual feedback from the instructor. To truly improve your business writing skills, you need both course instruction and feedback on your actual writing.

During the online self-paced course, you will apply what you are learning in a series of writing exercises. These tasks are designed to reinforce what you are learning in that section of the course. Additionally, after submitting these customer support writing exercises, you will receive detailed written feedback from your instructor.

Objective feedback:
  • Does the message have a clear purpose and business objective?
  • Is the document based fully on customer perspective?
  • Does the reader have all the content needed (and none that is not needed) to achieve the business objective of the document?
Subjective feedback:
  • Is your tone too blunt or too timid?
  • Are your word choices clear and strong?
  • Can you cut any unnecessary words?

Instructor-Led Group Feedback

Onsite training is highly interactive, with many individual, peer, and group activities. We focus on the thinking and planning work that is the foundation of customer service writing, as well as sharpening syntax and removing any bloat or jargon. 

Our instructor-led virtual training is equally as engaging, with plenty of "aha!" moments and interactive group and individual exercises.

Learn more about our self-paced online, instructor-led virtual, and instructor-led onsite group trainings.

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My instructor was so helpful and her detailed comments about my writing exercises helped me see where my writing can have more impact.
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I manage 40 remote people, so nearly all communication occurs via email. Already, I’ve seen a big improvement in communication.

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In this comprehensive writing workshop we will teach you how to:
  • Use the optimal process to write any customer support document well
  • Write in clear, direct sentences without meaningless jargon or bloat
  • Begin and end messages effectively
  • Match appropriate information to customer needs
  • Emote a professional, empathetic tone to defuse customers who are angry or frustrated
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation

What is included in this course?

This customer service writing training is split into several detailed sections.

An Introduction and Self-Assessment

This module outlines the necessary foundation for writing better customer support content and the process. We will work with you to develop specific learning goals that you want to achieve by the end of the course.

Module 2
6 Steps to Effective Customer Support Writing

Learn the optimal business writing process that enables to you write any customer-facing document with skill and efficiency. 

You will be able to create better structure while understanding the importance of reader focus, united purpose, and empathy.

Module 3
It’s Not “Ready, Fire, Aim”

Learn to break through blocks and write more efficiently.

Module 4
How to Deliver Bad News Effectively

This module exemplifies the application of the optimal 6-Step Process to a challenging internal email. We help you master the skills and strategies required to deliver bad news.

You'll learn how to apply our process to any challenging customer service communication.

Module 5
Customer Service Email and Support Ticket Basics

Write messages that are easy to understand and act upon. Understand how to craft engaging openings and how to use closings effectively.

This module also addresses the challenge of managing a high volume of customer support emails/tickets. 

Module 6
Customer Service Writing Special Considerations

Learn the special characteristics of customer service writing, such as using reader-focused, empathetic, positive wording.

Knowledge base articles are also likely a key component of your role, whether you write them yourself or integrate them into your replies, and this module will explain how to do both.

Module 7
Examples by Industry

Customer service writing is always contextual, not formulaic. We outline industry-based examples to use as scaffolding to help you write stronger customer service emails and responses, not templates to copy and paste.

Module 8
Format for Easy Reading

In this module, we share the best techniques that allow a reader to scan your message, quickly absorbing the value of your information.

Additionally, learn how to present images and graphics appropriately.

Module 9

Clear writing evokes trust and respect. Clear writing makes the complex easy to understand.

In this section, learn techniques to cut bloat and jargon so your writing is vibrant, direct, and engaging.

Module 10
Empathetic Tone

Sharpen your active voice, learn reader focus techniques, use kind and inclusive language, and project an empathic tone that assures your readers you care about them.

Present yourself as a knowledgeable and caring professional. And, write with a balanced, conversation tone that engenders trust with your reader. 

Module 11
Grammar and Tools

Identify your particular grammar and punctuation errors, and learn tactics to avoid these embarrassing mistakes.

We also provide recommended tools that will ensure your writing is correct and professional. 

Full Course Outline

Key Skills You Will Learn

  • Ability to craft well-written documents even to the most upset audience
  • Identify and correct your individual grammar errors
  • Significantly reduce time spent writing
  • Include well organized, relevant content that is sequenced and formatted to help busy readers
  • Organize and format text for easy reader scan and improve clarity
  • Use clear, direct sentences with no meaningless jargon
  • Project empathy and competence to your clientele
  • Write to elicit the right action
  • Use recommended tools to improve tone, grammar, and readability
  • Understand appropriate language and content for audience needs
Feature  Includes individual feedback

This course includes award-winning instructor coaching and feedback and ongoing support.

Customer Service Writing Course Instructors


Elisabeth O'Quinn

  • B.S. in Business & Economic Development from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

  • M.B.A. with a specialization in International Finance & Investments from the University of North Carolina

Elisabeth has an extensive background in writing, editing, and content marketing management. She has a unique combination of business and business writing acumen.

She has supported a variety of businesses, writing blog articles, reports, presentations, and editing business documents. She has supported many of our clients with rave reviews of her writing feedback.

Elisabeth lives in Georgia with her cat and rescue pup. In addition to writing, she loves traveling with her twin sister, learning German, and creating watercolor prints. 

Grace Cuddy

  • Graduate courses in Composition from Pompeau Fabra University

  • ESL Teaching Certification from Canterbury Consulting

  • B.A. in International Studies and Communication from Elon University

Grace supports Instructional Solutions' online courses and also works with individuals and groups from several multinational companies across Europe as a business writing coach.

She is bilingual in English and Spanish and has traveled extensively, providing a keen sensitivity to global writing. She has a strong background in corporate communication and management and successfully developed cross-functional writing and communication processes in a large corporate team in NYC. She is also a successful blogger and has received rave reviews from her writing critiques and coaching for our work with DuPont, Liberty Mutual, SparkPost, and many other groups. 

She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She enjoys yoga, travel, and dance. She splits her time between New York City and Madrid.

Terrance headshot-sq

Terrance Collins

  • B.A. In Journalism and International Business from The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Terrance has deep experience in both writing and business. He has spent much of his professional life in sales and marketing positions in technology companies, where he was always the go-to person for writing. After 15 years in sales and marketing at IBM, he spent several years working internationally for Amdahl and Lotus Development in Australia and Japan. He spent four years in Rotterdam and London as European Managing Director for Persoft, Inc., a leading networking software company.

For the past six years, he held senior editing and writing coaching positions at Huawei in Shenzhen, China, and with The Motley Fool.

He enjoys gardening, travel, and pétanque. The top entry on his bucket list is to walk a sizeable part of the Camino de Santiago in Spain and France.

Lisa Nelles Image

Lisa Nelles

  • B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Waldorf University

  • M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Lisa is an experienced technical writer and editor specializing in process and procedure documentation. She made her mark in aviation by developing and writing technical manuals that supported successful new programs for airlines of all sizes and set new standards for manuals in the industry.

She has also taught and tutored academic and technical writing for university students in a variety of fields. She loves helping people improve their writing to improve their careers.

In her free time, she enjoys writing creatively, crafting, and outdoor adventuring with her husband and twin boys. She splits her time between Iowa and Alaska.

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