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Onsite Customized Group Training Evaluation

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Executive Business Writing Coaching Evaluation

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Course Participant Testimonials

Congratulations on a job well done!

Thank you to you and your team for outstanding service and support in strengthening our global team's capabilities. Take a bow!

Global Publilc Affairs Director, DuPont

I will apply what I've learned everyday 

I will apply what I've learned in everyday business and in my personal life The instructor was very passionate about what was presented, which helps the audience retain and learn.

Procurement Specialist, USAA

Very useful class!

Very useful class! I will apply all of the planning strategies to my email immediately.

Portfolio Administrator, Holland Capital Management

Instructor's feedback was so helpful

I'd never taken an online course before and was nervous. It was simple to navigate and my instructor's feedback was so helpful. My proofreading is faster and more accurate. Great class.

Claims Manager, Home First Agency

Tips provided can be easily implemented

Great instructor who was extremely knowledgeable. She made complex executive summaries seem very easy and the tips she provided can be easily implemented. Excellent class!

Director, USAA

What a great resource

Thank you very much for your insightful comments. I actually appreciate the fact that you "nitpicked" my exercises. Your comments and suggestions are of great value, and I can only benefit from your professional advice. What a great resource to go back and be able to refer to. I truly gained knowledge and an appreciation to perfecting writing skills in the business world. Thanks again. 

Account Executive, FedEx Services

These courses are invaluable

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me gain clarity in my business writing, helping me put together my first executive summary (even if you did not know it!), and for all the tips on managing all the information I gather on a daily basis. These courses are invaluable. Any other courses you offer here at USAA I’d attend and I’d recommend those I’ve taken to anyone wanting to improve on their business communication. So, thank you!

Business Analyst, USAA

Big improvement

The lessons on email are very strong. I manage 40 remote people, so nearly all communication occurs via email. When to use email (and not) and the audience targeting and content information is exactly what my people need. Already, I’ve seen a big improvement in communication.

Manager, Aramark Corporation

WONDERFUL training and very insightful

I thought this was a WONDERFUL training and very insightful. The individualized grammar information was highly valuable because it allowed us to focus on relevant issues. I know this training will make a huge impact on my writing.

Customer Support Specialist, CEA Global Education

Improved email communication

This training has improved email communication both inside and outside the company.

HR Specialist, IBS

I learned very valuable tips

I learned very valuable tips such as what to avoid when writing and how to follow a process. I will surely apply what I've learned when I write emails and risk assessment reports in the future.

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Novo Nordisk

It is a major benefit

I am a communicator, both verbal and written. When I have the opportunity to improve my craft it is a major benefit. This course taught me some new things and also reminded me of things that I had already learned but may have forgotten.

Public Affairs Executive, DuPont

A lot less stress

What I have gained is efficiency, organization, clarity of thought, and a lot less stress. I know how to save and present what is significant instead what is just background or process. Exploration of organizational tools was really helpful. This class touched every corner of my job to include both writing and organization.

Business Analyst, USAA

You've given me time!

This course will minimize the time I spend when writing emails, reports, and letters. I spend hours each day reading and writing email, so you’ve given me back the most valuable commodity – my time! Thank you.

Claims Representative, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

The training was great

The training was great. The major benefits were the presentation on the process and the various webtools as well as the concept map. I wish more people from the regulatory department were invited to attend!  

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Novo Nordisk

Feedback was very helpful

Feedback from the instructor was very helpful and highlighted some areas of my writing that I need to be more aware of and work on going forward.

Sales Representative, USTA

Instructions were tailor made

The instructions given were tailor made to each of us based on the materials we submitted so that the areas for improvements become even more clear than receiving general advice.

Public Affairs Executive, DuPont

Great insights!

Email writing is better than 50% of my job and I see now where I was missing opportunities to clarify the impact. Great insights! Three of my colleagues are in this class and at lunch we all agreed this training is great.

Customer Service Manager, Intelligent Imaging Systems

Focus on the receivers/readers

I became more aware of the gaps in my writing capabilities. The instructions, exercises and the feedback help me to even more focus on the receivers/readers and the action I expect from them.

Public Affairs Executive, DuPont

Very relevant

The training was very relevant to my job function. I will use the learnings in all of my daily writing.

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Novo Nordisk

Written and verbal communication

This training will help in both my written and verbal communications because I learned to organize my thoughts before I begin speaking or writing. I now see the actual methodology to improve my technical reports.

Project Manager, Bombadier Aerospace, Northern Ireland

This was a fantastic class

OK, I admit it. I did not want to attend today’s training because I am so busy. However, I am so glad I did. This was a fantastic class, and the discussion of user requirement documents and project status reports was illuminating. I can see already how much time I will save using these techniques. The instructor was excellent and really kept things on target and interesting.

Business Analyst, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

Engaging for the reader

The training helps me to think more consciously about my readers and the action I expect from them. The instructions and feedback I got will help me write texts that are clearer and engaging for the reader.

Public Affairs Executive, DuPont

Very helpful and interesting!

Email training was very helpful and interesting! It was a good refresher on how to write emails properly for business purposes. This training will certainly help greatly.

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Novo Nordisk

Writing with a process

The major benefit was learning how to approach writing a report with a process instead of in an unfocused way. This training will certainly help me in all of my daily writing my job consists of!

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Novo Nordisk

Excellent opportunity to learn

The course was an excellent opportunity to learn and refresh business writing tips. As a non-native English speaker I was able to identify and correct common errors related to grammar, text structure and word choices. I found this training very useful!

Public Affairs Executive, DuPont

My instructor was so helpful

This was my first online course, and it was excellent. It was easy to navigate, and I could work on my own time. My instructor was so helpful and her detailed comments about my writing exercises helped me see where my writing can have more impact. 

Sales Representative, FedEx

Excellent real life examples

My instructor has the right personality and enthusiasm and knowledge for this course – very easy to understand and she used excellent real life examples. There were non-technical and highly technical people in this class and she got us to understand each other. Writing across the teams will be much better. 

Project Manager, Avecia Biotechnology

I can use these techniques daily

I will definitely apply the 6-step process and the concept mapping into my future writing. The major benefit is that I can use these techniques in all of my daily work.

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Novo Nordisk

Huge Improvement

My sales team is closing more business, because our proposals are written to capture business. Huge improvement. 

VP of Sales, TransUnion

Building sound client relationships

My job requires building sound client relationships. This training will help me to achieve that.

Tax Services Employee, Ernst & Young

Everyone should attend

Everyone in business should attend this training.

Tax Services Employee, Ernst & Young

I could have gone another day

I wish writing would have been taught like this earlier in my career or education. Very rarely has skills training ever had this much discussion -- I could have gone another day or longer. I learned more today than every undergrad or MBA English course I took. All of those courses focused on content rather than process.

Talent Development Group, Rohde & Schwarz

Integrate the training into my business day

The materials were presented in a very lively manner and with a good level of details. Good to follow, easy to understand and not too extensive which allowed integrating the training course into my business day effortlessly. And, of course, I appreciated the strong references to DuPont which made the materials very realistic as well.

Public Affairs Employee, DuPont

Effectively communicate

[The course] provided needs of how to efficiently communicate across different levels of management.

Tax Services, Ernst & Young

Very detailed feedback

My instructor gave me very detailed feedback. She shared with me useful links to continue improving my writing. I learned a lot from her corrections and comments.

Global Public Affairs Employee, DuPont