Client-Only Resources

Clients of our business writing courses get access to our premium resources at no charge. 

Premium client-only resources include:

  • General Business writing question support for one year after training 

  • Monthly business writing newsletter topic requests

  • 6-Step Diagram: The Optimal Business Writing Checklist

  • Reader Focus Sheet Quick Reference Guide

  • Editing Checklist Quick Reference Guide

  • How to Use Headings to Help Readers Easily Scan Resource Sheet

  • Optimal Business Report Sequence Diagram

  • Using Indirect Techniques to Deliver Bad News Resource Sheet

  • Using Direct Techniques to Deliver Bad News Resource Sheet

  • Email Techniques Guide

  • Clarity Techniques Guide

  • Individual Grammar Diagnosis, with a Workbook that Contains Relevant Resources and a Correction Strategy

  • Recommended Editing and Planning Tools

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