Our instructors are knowledgeable, caring, and experienced.

Our instructors are all skilled, highly credentialed business writing experts. They are not merely general soft-skill presenters; they have deep pragmatic and theoretical experience with business writing specifically. 

Each has extensive experience teaching business writing in specific industries. We will match the right instructor to the unique writing requirements of your industry. 

They know that their work directly impacts our clients’ careers. They care.

Katie Almeida Spencer

Katie Almeida Spencer

Katie is very skilled at evaluating both the substance and language of business documents. Her writing critiques, instruction, and coaching have received stellar evaluations from our clients at Chartis Consulting, DuPont, Shell, Southern Middlesex Opportunity Council, and the World Wildlife Fund. She teaches Business and Academic Writing at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

She holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Rhode Island and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts. Her areas of expertise include business writing and technical report writing, as well as non-native writing and linguistics.

Katie lives in Rhode Island with her husband, toddler, and very friendly dog. When not teaching or creating courses, she can be found doing something (anything!) outside with her little family.
Grace Cuddy

Grace Cuddy

Grace provides individual executive business writing coaching to senior and bilingual clients and leads instructor-led group training for our clients. She also leads our instructor mentoring program to ensure consistency across all our training. 

She is bilingual in English and Spanish and has traveled extensively, providing a keen sensitivity to global writing. She is certified in ESL education. She has a strong background in corporate communication and management and successfully developed cross-functional writing and communication processes in a large corporate team. She is also a successful blogger and has received rave reviews for her instruction, writing critiques, and coaching for our work with DuPont, the U.S. Army, S&P Global, Freddie Mac, and many other groups. 

She holds a B.A. in International Business and Communication from Elon University, has completed graduate studies in writing and rhetoric at Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, and completed an intensive professional ESL Education Certification Program with Canterbury Consulting.

She enjoys yoga, travel, dance, and her little dog, Obi. She splits her time between New York City and Madrid.

Mary Cullen

Mary Cullen

Mary founded Instructional Solutions in 1998, and is an internationally recognized business writing trainer and executive writing coach with two decades of experience helping thousands of individuals and businesses master the strategic skill of business writing. She excels at designing customized business writing training programs to maximize productivity, advance business objectives, and convey complex information.

Mary leads the project management and instructional design of customized courses. Before founding Instructional Solutions, Mary taught writing at Boston College and the University of Massachusetts college system. Her teaching focused on rhetoric and composition, with a particular interest in writing in computer-mediated environments.

She holds a B.A. in English and Management from the University of Rhode Island, an M.A. in English Literature from Boston College, and a C.A.G.S. in Composition and Rhetoric from the University of New Hampshire.

She lives in Princeton, New Jersey where she enjoys yoga, running, cooking, tinkering with new technologies, and, most especially, her family.

Janet D'Angelo

Janet D'Angelo

Janet is a business writing and marketing instructor, consultant, author, and public speaker with more than 20 years of experience working with individuals, small businesses, and corporations to develop all facets of business communication. She writes and speaks extensively on business writing and marketing writing, and has been a featured speaker at numerous business and education conferences in the U.S. and abroad. Janet taught analytical writing, marketing writing, proposal writing, and general business writing courses at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Janet holds a B.S. in Education from Salem State College, M.Ed. from the Boston-Bouve College of Human Development Professions at Northeastern University.

She enjoys gardening, yoga, hiking, and exploring the endless beauty of the New England seacoast where she lives on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Bailey Lang headshot sq

Bailey Lang

Bailey is a professional writer, editor, and accountability coach with more than a decade of experience. 

She began her career in marketing communications for a global HR outsourcing company before taking a detour into academia. She earned her M.A. in rhetoric and writing at the University of Findlay and then completed her Ph.D. in rhetoric and writing studies at Bowling Green State University. Along the way, she wrote and published a book, numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, and more. 

When she’s not writing or editing, you'll find her reading, hiking, or knitting. 

Haley Larsen

Haley Larsen

Haley is a professional writer and content strategist with years of teaching experience. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation in English from Purdue University, and earned her M.A. in Literature and Culture from Oregon State University. 

She has experience teaching academic research methods, college writing, and business writing — and loves them all. She enjoys helping learners from all industries improve their writing skills and find their voice.

When she's not reading, you can find her doing yoga, watching football, or hiking the mountain trails above her home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Elisabeth O'Quinn

Elisabeth O'Quinn

Elisabeth has a unique combination of business and business writing acumen, with an extensive background in writing, editing, and content marketing management. She has expertise in both business and business writing. 

She has worked as a business writer and content writer, creating blog articles, reports, presentations, and editing business documents. She has supported many of our clients to rave reviews of her instruction and writing feedback, including California Water, Rohde & Schwarz, Morgan Stanley, the U.S. Army, the USDA, and many more.

She holds a B.S. in Business & Economic Development from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, and an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina. Throughout her education, writing has been her passion. She loves sharing her skills.

Elisabeth lives in Georgia with her cat and rescue pup. In addition to writing, she loves traveling with her twin sister, learning German, and creating watercolor prints. 

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