Business Writing Coaching for Rising Professionals 

Individual coaching to advance your career. 

What is the best way to become a better business writer?

The fastest way to become a powerful business writer is through one-on-one coaching.

Strong writing skills will help you better lead your team, increase business, save time, be perceived as a trusted leader, and advance your career.

Our individual coaching programs are tailored to match your professional goals. By teaching you comprehensive strategies while working with your actual work documents, we can ensure you will understand the tactics and frameworks to tackle any future writing challenge. You will master business writing.

Coaching Program Highlights:

  • A custom coaching plan focused on improving your weaknesses and reaching your specific career goals.

  • Virtual coaching sessions that can be scheduled to fit even the busiest calendar.

  • Relevant examples and exercises through instruction, actual document review, exercises, and resources to solidify your new skills.

Listen to a coaching client talk about his experience.

Kevin Couper


Download Free Coaching Case Study

This case study shows how a senior IT executive honed his business writing skills through guided coaching.

Privacy matters. We will never share your information.

I'm writing to share a milestone. The director of my division asked me to edit a memo being sent to our entire company. This was the same guy who told me my writing was hurting my career before coaching.

Thank you for the gift of clarity.

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Sr. Project Manager

Fresenius Medical Care

I knew my business writing had to match my strong business skills to earn a major promotion. After coaching, I write faster. My writing is much more organized. It clearly reflects my leadership and vision.

And, I won the promotion.

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Chief Financial Officer

Fish & Richardson Law Firm

How Our Coaching Programs are Organized

Our custom coaching programs are fully individualized and based on your writing requirements and skills. But, all coaching consists of three phases.

The first phase identifies your goals as a business writer. The second phase creates a custom coaching plan after reviewing sample documents. The third phase is the implementation and individual coaching sessions.

Download Coaching Outline in This Case Study 

Phase One: Identify Goals

Each coaching engagement starts with identifying your goals as a business writer. To be successful, it is important we exactly identify the outcomes you want from coaching.

Here are a few example goals from other coaching projects:

  • Improve clarity and simplicity of complex information
  • Write with executive tone and voice
  • Build a process to storyboard strategic messages
  • Spend less time re-writing
  • Improve grammar
  • Convey complex information to division and team
  • Be perceived as a leader to achieve promotion opportunity

Goals often differ depending on your industry and personal strengths. If you have a specific writing challenge, we can discuss this on a quick consultation call. Once we have identified your goals, we will create a custom coaching plan that will lead you to business writing mastery. You can view a real clients coaching goals in this case study.

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Our coaching programs are best suited for professionals who are ready to focus on business writing and for whom writing is an essential part of their work..png


Phase Two: Create Coaching Plan

To create a coaching plan, we first compare your goals with your current strengths and weaknesses. You will start your coaching engagement by completing a personal assessment. Your self-assessment helps us to understand which areas you feel need the most improvement.

We will discuss your goals thoroughly and also review recent documents you have written to identify improvement opportunities. These documents will help us tailor your coaching to focus on skills that are most relevant to your career.

We will address your most pressing document requirements, but coaching will enable you to write anything at work with skill and ease.

Each coaching plan is unique. It is an individualized plan based entirely on your writing requirements, current weaknesses and strengths, and goals.

Download Custom Coaching Plan Case Study

After we have identified your strengths and weaknesses we create a coaching plan with major topics for each session, moving sequentially to hone the particular writing skills you need. We have found that the most effective sessions are 50-minutes long.

Each coaching plan is custom created depending on the number of coaching sessions you choose. If you are not sure how many coaching sessions you will need to reach your goal, we can help guide you on a quick free consultation call.

The two phases — Identify Goals and Create Coaching Plan — are essential and the foundation of coaching, but we achieve these quickly. In your first coaching session, we begin the work of learning to write efficiently.

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We never share client writing or business information. We’re happy to sign any non-disclosure agreem.png


Phase Three: Coaching Sessions

Each individual coaching sessions include instruction, actual document review and discussion, exercises, and follow-up comments and resources to reinforce the new skill. Each session focuses on sequentially learning a new skill that you can start applying immediately.

In these sessions, we will teach you proven strategies and tactics to become a more effective professional writer.

To see an example outline of coaching sessions with specific modules, download our free coaching case study.

Coaching sessions are a lively and illuminating dialogue between you and the coach. One-on-one instruction allows us to tailor the examples and lessons to your industry and goals. They are an excellent time to ask specific questions that you may have from recent communication challenges at work. Each session builds on the previous work to help you become a skilled writer.

Sessions are also a time to review the previous impact of actual writing. We know you are busy. We will never ask you to write any pretend-exercises. Instead, we weave your real writing tasks in with goals and the coaching plan. Coaching is fully based on your actual work.

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Document Review


Coaching sessions can also be used to mentor key documents that you are writing at work. These documents are a great place to implement the strategies you have been learning. We will resolve any specific document questions and provide recommendations.  

To see an example coaching plan, download our free case study.


How are Coaching Sessions Held?


All coaching sessions are conducted using live web conference software.

Using online meeting software means you can join a coaching session from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your office or couch. On the call, we can easily share our screens to review presentations and writing.

Download Coaching Case Study 

How do you keep the project organized?


Your goals, documents, tasks, and progress are all tracked in our project management software. We will create a private project for you and your coach. You will be able to view all coaching documents and resources in the project. Our project management software makes it easy to refer to previous tips without having to painstakingly search through your email.

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Why Hire a Coach?

An executive writing coach helps you maximize your particular writing strengths, identify areas of opportunity for greater impact, and become more effective in your work.

Executive business writing coaching is an intensive, individualized, guided engagement that leads to business writing mastery.

Your knowledge, tone, confidence, language, and clarity is conveyed in your writing to your entire organization and clients. The focus of coaching is identification and correction of your particular writing issues, and ensuring your documents drive business objectives.

Hire a coach if you want your writing to advance your career.

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Business Writing Coaching Programs

Level Three

Six Months of Custom Coaching

Six months of custom coaching, integrated fully with your job requirements. See below for full a detailed outline.

Level Two

Ten Custom Coaching Sessions

Ten sessions of custom coaching. See below for a detailed outline. 

Level One

Online Practicum Course + Coaching

Online course that includes written instructor feedback and one live coaching session. See below for a detailed outline. 



Level Three Coaching

Six Months of Intensive Coaching 

This program ensures that writing is a career asset for you and that your writing projects dynamic leadership. Communication strategies, along with full support and editing, are also provided. This is ideal for the professional for whom writing is critical or who is making a significant career leap and needs deep support.

You will receive:

  • Six months of coaching, with weekly sessions for three months followed by bi-weekly sessions for three months. Breaks can be taken and the time frame extended, if flexibility better meets your goals.
  • Email support and review of interim coaching documents and phone support, as well as a full communication strategy, information flow, and voice review.

Level Three includes:

  • Identification of your individual goals and writing requirements
  • Custom coaching plan
  • Recommended materials and document observations, which are emailed to you after coaching sessions to address skill gaps, based on coaching observations.
  • Review and correction of interim documents discussed during session (concept maps for planning, drafts, and final review).
  • Deeply integrated into your job description and work requirements.
  • Review and support for all work documents.
  • Full guidance on strategic communication issues and leadership writing.

See Example Outline in This Coaching Case Study


Level Two Coaching

Ten individual coaching sessions

This program ensures that writing becomes a career asset for you, so you can project solid leadership, and are able to write any work document required.

It includes ten individual coaching sessions, scheduled as flexibly as you wish to match your document requirements. Also included is email support and review of interim coaching documents.

The program provides:

  • Identification of your individual goals and writing requirements
  • Ten 50-minute individual sessions, live via web meeting, focused on actual work documents.
  • Recommended materials and document observations, which are emailed to you after coaching sessions to address skill gaps, based on coaching observations.
  • Review and correction of interim documents discussed during session (concept maps for planning, drafts, and final review).

See Example Outline in This Coaching Case Study


Level One Coaching

Online course with written feedback and one coaching session

This cost-effective option includes an online self-paced course with written instructor feedback and one live coaching session.

It identifies skills and gaps, provides skills and resources, and includes written feedback on your writing. One live coaching session is scheduled to discuss your writing when you complete the online course.

The program includes:

  • Identification of your coaching goals and writing requirements
  • Online practicum course, in which you plan, draft, and edit an actual work document with instructor feedback and guidance
  • Written feedback on two exercises
  • One hour of live coaching

See Example Outline In This Coaching Case Study 


World Renowned Coaches

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.20.32 AM.png

Mary Cullen
Founder of Instructional Solutions

Hello, my name is Mary, and I would love to help you write with ease and skill at work. Since founding Instructional Solutions in 1998, I have helped thousands of individuals improve their business writing in customized courses. I’ve coached scores of executives to master business writing.

As a business writing expert, I help professionals convey complex information in writing with clarity and engagement.

I have had the privilege of working with some of the top companies in the world, and my work has been cited in the Wall Street Journal online, Business Week, and college textbooks.

I really enjoy helping my coaching clients break through long standing writing blocks and inefficiencies and experience the fun and power of writing with purpose and ease, which translates immediately to deeper respect at work.

When I'm not teaching writing, I enjoy teaching two weekly yoga classes at a local yoga studio here in Princeton, New Jersey as a labor of love. Writing and yoga actually have a lot in common! They’re both based on process and focus and both lead to clarity. Off the yoga mat (and computer) I am very happily married and the mother of two grown children.

My business writing coaching sessions are highly engaging and pragmatic. I would love to talk on a quick call to discuss your writing goals. Schedule a 20-Minute Consultation Call With Mary Today.


A Thank-You Note From a Coaching Client

Seema is an employee at a top 100 charity. 

Hi Mary,

We have indeed come a long way since we started. You not only helped me figure out what my real language and writing issues were but also helped me through them.

The tools you have shared guide me with not only my writing, but also remind me to take a pause and think through what I want to convey and how.

In the meantime, I want to thank you for working with me on my gaps. You leave me with a gift which will support me for the rest of my life.

My sincere thanks,

Improving my business writing with one-on-one focused coaching has advanced my career, given me more time, and improved my communication with both my division and the executive board.

Sr. Director


Thank you. You are a true professional. My writing skills are now commensurate with my position. And, I'm much more confident about the way I interact in writing with executive staff, customers, and my team.
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