Advanced Business Writing Course + Coaching

This course + coaching model is an ideal way to master a major document requirement, hone business writing skills, and receive individual business writing coaching.

Available for groups or individuals as an online self-paced course.

Course overview

Every mid-to-senior level business position requires writing important, but challenging, documents — performance appraisals, annual division achievement reports, sales plans, business plans, product value propositions, regulatory reports, sales email templates, white papers, etc. Breakthrough any blocks and write an impressive, clear document that advances your career.

This course + coaching model is an ideal way to master a major document requirement, hone business writing skills, and receive individual business writing coaching. Coaching will be fully focused on the major document you need to write.

This training includes two virtual one-on-one coaching sessions to plan and review any document and ensure future writing is strong. 


Once you finish the Advanced Business Writing Course + Coaching you will be able to:
  • Employ an efficient process for planning and organizing information and needs.
  • Eliminate "information dumping" in any document.
  • Understand how to tier information appropriately to match multiple audience needs, including both internal and external, as well as executive readers. 
  • Ensure document content conveys information for business decisions, within a readily absorbed format.
  • Eliminate jargon and bloat to streamline information. 
  • Write succinctly, using clear, engaging, and correct language. 
  • Write an executive summary that tightly summarizes the “so what” message. 
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Individual enrollment
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Who is this course for?

This course is a great fit for you or your organization if:

  • You’re in charge of a group or division in your company and looking to improve your team's writing skills and ability to communicate complex information.
  • You or your team often write custom, complex documents where high standards are required.
  • You're an individual looking to improve your writing skills to get a raise, become more effective in your communication, or become more qualified for a new job.
  • You're an individual who needs to write a career-advancing document.
  • You work in an industry that involves complex or unique documents and reports.

Each course lesson progressively improves a different facet of your writing skills, with instructor review and coaching. At the end of the course, you will be able to plan, draft, edit, and evaluate documents with skill and efficiency.

This is a practicum course — participants plan and write their own actual document during the course, with instructor guidance, so the training is highly pragmatic, relevant, and immediately applied to work.

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Course Certificate

After completing the course, you will earn a personalized certificate. You can display your certificate in the certification section of your LinkedIn profile, download it to print, or mention it in your résumé.

Individual written feedback and live coaching for every student

In this training, you will receive individual feedback from the instructor. To truly improve your writing skills, you need both course instruction and feedback on your actual writing.

During the course, you will apply what you are learning in sequential writing tasks that build to a final actual work document. After submitting each exercise, you will receive both subjective and objective feedback from your instructor that also resolves your specific blocks that impede your writing.

The course includes two live coaching sessions, one to address the unique aspects of the document you will write and one to review the final document at the end of the course.

Objective feedback:
  • Is the document based fully on reader need and perspective?
  • Does the reader have all information needed?
  • Is any information that is included not needed?
  • Is the document logically organized?
Subjective feedback:
  • Is your document too blunt or too timid?
  • Are your word choices clear and strong and persuasive?
  • Can you cut any unnecessary words?
  • Are there any grammar or punctuation errors?

Instructor-led onsite group feedback

If your company decides to host the course as an onsite workshop, we will conduct group activities to help your team become better report writers. These tasks are designed to reinforce what you are learning in that section of the course.

Online and onsite group training options.

Our students’ feedback: See all testimonials
Thank you so much for these valuable lessons.

Lincoln Financial Group

I learned very valuable tips such as what to avoid when writing and how to follow a process. I will surely apply what I've learned when I write emails and risk assessment reports in the future.
Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Novo Nordisk

One of the benefits is to understand how crucial efficient business writing is. This course helped me to write effectively.

This course will minimize the time I spend when writing emails, reports, and letters. I spend hours each day reading and writing email, so you’ve given me back the most valuable commodity – my time! Thank you.
Claims Representative

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

Grace's comments were to the point and spot on. She gave me precise criticism. This gave me the perspective and knowledge I needed to write better.
Account Manager


The course provides amazing guidance when it comes to proper writing.

Defense Trade Solutions

I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge that will help me with writing more professionally while keeping my tone and personality. The feedback from the instructor was extremely helpful.
Program Support Assistant

Child Care Aware of Washington

ChildCare Aware of Washington
This course improved my writing, which improves my relationship with my coworkers.
Enterprise Development Manager


In this advanced business writing course you will learn:
  • The optimal business writing process so you can save time and write better document.
  • How to tier information logically.
  • To extract and highlight significant information and differentiate this from background information.
  • Strategies to convey complex technical information to non-technical readers.
  • How to write a clear and meaningful executive summary.
  • How to optimize your specific document type with individual tips and resources.

What is included in this course?

This advanced business writing course + individual coaching is split into 11 detailed modules.

Module 1
Getting Started

Meet your instructor and support team. Share your specific course goals and tell us about the document you're writing. 

Module 2
6-Steps to Effective Business Writing for any Document

Learn a practical framework for writing any business document. This six-step process helps you understand the strategies needed to write clearly and professionally. Spend 30% less time on every document you write.

This applies to all documents — white papers, reports, pitch documents, briefs, strategy presentations, performance reviews, etc.

Module 3
Document Planning and Coaching Session #1
Analyzing your audience frames everything about an advanced document, including content and organization.

We address the tools and best methodologies to generate information and plan documents to ensure the substantive information is accurate and well organized and to help you write most efficiently.

This module concludes with a live one-hour coaching session with your instructor to discuss the specific considerations of the document you will write in this course. 

Module 4
Document Structure

Learn to organize any document logically.

This module focuses on how to organize and sequence information appropriately.  

Module 5
Summarizing and Extracting Complex Information

The executive summary is the most important section that conveys the core findings and implications of many important documents. It allows a busy executive to absorb lots of information easily and make an informed decision.

In this module, you'll learn how to tightly extract and summarize the most important implications of your document type.

Read more

Executives often tell us that they highly value an employee’s ability to write a clear, well-extracted synthesis statement, which is the core of a good executive summary. This skill will help you write strong summaries and go far in your career!

Read Less
Module 6
Document Examples Using Various Tools

Advanced, complex documents can feel overwhelming because there are so many variations. This lesson will present examples of documents using the most common format and tools.

This module also looks at important considerations when writing documents from a template.

Read more

This module focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of example documents. We use extensive examples to ensure we cover a variety of document types and applications. This ensures you understand how to apply the tactics in previous modules in different types of documents.

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Module 7

Learn to weave in at-a-glance hooks to persuade and engage your reader. Titles, sub-titles, data presentation, and other areas can become much more compelling with skilled persuasive techniques applied.  

Persuasion, done well, will highlight reader engagement and your credibility.

Module 8
Format Considerations

Most major documents are dense or lengthy. Learn formatting techniques to create a visually appealing, easy-to-scan document that helps your reader easily understand complex information.

Headings, white space, typography, visual structure, and the best graphical representation of data are addressed.

Module 9
Clarity and Word Choice

Ensure your document is a pleasure to read with concise and clear language that presents your information competently and confidently. This module ensures that your sentences are accurate, easy to reach, and engaging. 

Module 10
Grammar and Syntax

Learn proofreading tactics to avoid embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes. These go beyond simple tips and tricks. These are proven grammar and syntax strategies that will make all your writing more professional.

Module 11
Final Document and Coaching Session #2

The course concludes with a second live one-on-one coaching session with your instructor.

During this time you can ask any questions and review your final document. The live coaching call acts to solidify the information learned during the course so you can apply your new knowledge to future documents and to provide detailed feedback on the document you wrote in the course.

Full Course Outline

Key skills you will learn:

  • Employ an efficient process for planning and organizing information and needs.
  • Synthesize complex information.
  • Write an executive summary that tightly summarizes the “so what” message. 
  • Understand how to tier information appropriately in various document type to match audience needs.
  • Ensure document content conveys information for business decisions, within a readily absorbed format.
  • Eliminate "information dumping."
  • Eliminate jargon and bloat to streamline information or messaging.
  • Reduce the amount of time required to write and read any document.
Feature  Includes individual feedback and live coaching

This course includes award-winning instructor coaching and feedback and ongoing support.

Advanced Business Writing Course + Coaching Instructors


Elisabeth O'Quinn

  • B.S. in Business & Economic Development from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

  • M.B.A. with a specialization in International Finance & Investments from the University of North Carolina

Elisabeth has a unique combination of business and business writing acumen, with extensive background in writing, editing, and content marketing management.

She has supported a variety of businesses, writing blog articles, reports, presentations, and editing business documents. She has supported many of our clients with rave reviews of her writing feedback.

Elisabeth lives in Georgia with her cat and rescue pup. In addition to writing, she loves traveling with her twin sister, learning German, and creating watercolor prints. 

Grace Cuddy

  • Graduate courses in Composition from Pompeau Fabra University

  • ESL Teaching Certification from Canterbury Consulting

  • B.A. in International Studies and Communication from Elon University

Grace supports Instructional Solutions' online courses and also works with individuals and groups from several multinational companies across Europe as a business writing coach.

She is bilingual in English and Spanish and has traveled extensively, providing a keen sensitivity to global writing. She has a strong background in corporate communication and management and successfully developed cross-functional writing and communication processes in a large corporate team. She is also a successful blogger and has received rave reviews from her writing critiques and coaching for our work with DuPont, Liberty Mutual, and many other groups. 

She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She enjoys yoga, travel, and dance. She splits her time between New York City and Madrid.

Lisa Nelles Image

Lisa Nelles

  • B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Waldorf University

  • M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Lisa is an experienced technical writer and editor specializing in process and procedure documentation. She made her mark in aviation by developing and writing technical manuals that supported successful new programs for airlines of all sizes and set new standards for manuals in the industry.

She has also taught and tutored academic and technical writing for university students in a variety of fields. She loves helping people improve their writing to improve their careers.

In her free time, she enjoys writing creatively, crafting, and outdoor adventuring with her husband and twin boys. She splits her time between Iowa and Alaska.

Terrance headshot-sq

Terrance Collins

  • B.A. In Journalism and International Business from The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Terrance has deep experience in both writing and business. He has spent much of his professional life in sales and marketing positions in technology companies, where he was always the go-to person for writing. After 15 years in sales and marketing at IBM, he spent several years working internationally for Amdahl and Lotus Development in Australia and Japan. He spent four years in Rotterdam and London as European Managing Director for Persoft, Inc., a leading networking software company.

For the past six years, he held senior editing and writing coaching positions at Huawei in Shenzhen, China, and with The Motley Fool.

He enjoys gardening, travel, and pétanque. The top entry on his bucket list is to walk a sizeable part of the Camino de Santiago in Spain and France.


Mary Cullen

  • C.A.G.S. in Composition and Rhetoric from University of New Hampshire

  • M.A. in English Literature from Boston College

  • B.A. in English from the University of Rhode Island

Mary founded Instructional Solutions in 1998 and is an internationally recognized business writing trainer and executive writing coach with two decades of experience helping thousands of individuals and businesses master the strategic skill of business writing. She excels at designing customized business writing training programs to maximize productivity, advance business objectives, and convey complex information.

Mary leads the project management and instructional design on customized courses. She also personally trains the instructors who lead ongoing training.

She lives in Princeton, New Jersey where she enjoys yoga, running, cooking, tinkering with new technologies, and most especially her family.


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