Case Study:

Executive Business Writing Coaching

This case study shows how a senior IT executive honed his business writing skills through guided coaching.

Since coaching is a customized program, this executive's challenges and goals are likely different from your challenges and goals but this case study will provide a clear illustration of a typical coaching engagement. 

Your engagement will focus specifically on your unique challenges, documents, and goals. 


This coaching client's goals:

  1. Improve clarity and simplicity of complex information
  2. Build a process to storyboard his strategic messages
  3. Increase his speed writing
  4. Improve grammar
  5. Be viewed as an effective communicator
This coaching engagement was customized to achieve these goals, working with his actual documents.
Included in the case study:
  • Coaching goals and challenges
  • Coaching logistics
  • Coaching topics by session
  • Coaching process and development
  • Findings: quantitative and qualitative
  • Coaching evaluation

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