Instructor Feedback FAQs

What to expect from our fantastic instructor feedback.

What should I expect?

In the video below you can see how we structure writing feedback to ensure you receive a detailed and individualized critique of your writing.

How many critiques do I receive in an online, self-paced course?

Two detailed written critiques are included in each online, self-paced course.

Our Executive Summary Writing, Sales Writing, Proposal Writing, Technical Report Writing, and Advanced Business Writing courses also include live coaching.

After much testing, we've determined that two writing exercises provide the detailed feedback needed to truly improve your writing while minimizing your time on task required to complete the course. This maximizes writing improvement outcomes and your time.

Does virtual or onsite training include instructor feedback?

In addition to the live instruction and engaging exercises in instructor-led training, each participant also has the opportunity to submit any training-relevant work document to be critiqued. 

Individuals can email their instructor any document they wrote after training and their instructor will provide the same detailed written feedback in response.

This individualized input on actual writing helps solidify what they learned in their live sessions.

Is the feedback specific to my challenges and position?

Feedback is very specific for you. The first thing we ask in all of our training is for individuals to submit their course goals and tell us about the writing requirements for their position along with any current challenges.

The instructor will review the course goals carefully and provide any additional resources relevantly. For example, if a participant writes reports regularly for work, we would provide a key resource that is very helpful for planning reports. If someone tells us they are overloaded with email, the instructor will provide a strategy document to manage the volume. If we notice grammar and tonal issues, we will address this and provide correction resources.

Feedback is very individualized and provides specific instructions to enhance writing immediately.

What is the timeframe for receiving feedback?

While all other aspects of the course are available to you online 24/7, feedback is provided by the assigned instructor who follows standard business hours of Monday – Friday from 9am to 4pm ET. We return almost all exercises within one business day from when we receive them but guarantee feedback within two business days. 


Why do you use scenarios in exercises?

Scenarios allow us to provide a much more detailed and thorough evaluation of writing, as compared to simply reviewing an existing work document. This allows the instructor to assess how well an individual can match content to audience, categorize information, sequence information, and also comment specifically on the language, style, tone, and grammar. Each participant will receive a specific grammar review that identifies any specific grammar issues to focus on, correction resources, and a correction strategy. A true review of an individual's business writing should include all requisite elements for business writing and these scenario-based writing exercises allow us to give a truly holistic review of writing.


  • All courses for individuals and groups include detailed written feedback on at least one document.
  • Many of our courses also include live coaching with the instructor, conducted via Zoom, to review an actual work document that you will write at the end of the course. This coaching session includes a detailed review of a typical work document written after honing skills in the course as well as tips and recommendations on your writing. 
  • Scenarios can be customized for group training.

Can I get feedback on documents already written?

The written instructor feedback in most of our courses is only for scenarios that we create. If we were to critique a document already written, we would not be able to assess the substance of the document without the context provided in the scenario. By using a scenario, we are able to evaluate your planning, thinking, and organization as well as your grammar and language. 

In our courses that include live coaching, participants are able to submit a course-relevant work document that they write at the end of the course, using their new skills and previous feedback.  

If your organization writes very complex documents, we suggest our Advanced Business Writing Course + Coaching, which includes two coaching sessions at the planning and final review stages of writing.

Still have questions? 

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