Business Writing Training for Groups

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Business runs on writing. Great businesses run on great writing.
Business writing is a nuanced, collaborative exchange that forms the backbone of your company’s ability to innovate and perform. It takes up a significant amount of employees’ time and energy every week.
Nearly 9 out of 10 business leaders have experienced the adverse impact of poor communication at work, including increased costs (45%), missed deadlines or increased time to resolution (39%), and eroded brand credibility or reputation (34%).

Let's fix this. 

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Training programs guaranteed to improve your team's writing

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Share your goals and current challenges. We'll recommend the most effective approach and structure.


We'll identify requirements and goals, review typical documents, interview sample participants, and create targeted training.


Interactive, engaging training for your team led by experts that includes instructor feedback and coaching, delivered exactly as you need.

Retain New Skills

Tailored job aids and strong ongoing resources. Insights on your team's writing and mentoring resources.

Virtual, onsite, and self-paced training options

Construct flexible delivery logistics to match what’s best for your group, customized as you need.

Instructor-led virtual training

Instructor-led virtual training offers an amazing opportunity to build team morale and develop new writing habits. We break up the training into shorter, digestible sessions filled with interactive exercises. This allows time to practice new skills on real work documents, bridging the gap between training and real-world writing.

Self-paced online training with instructor feedback

Our courses are perfect for employees or individuals who want to move at their own pace in a self-paced course while receiving clear and customized instructor feedback on their writing.

Feedback is helpful for non-native writers, as well as for those looking to improve their long-form writing skills in genres like reports or proposals.


Instructor-led onsite training

For groups looking to improve their writing skills together, our onsite instructor-led training is a fantastic option that provides opportunities for team building and discussions as well as individual skills development.

Compare instructor-led virtual, onsite, and online
self-paced training delivery options for your group.


Course customization is available

If different parts of these training approaches fit your group, let's discuss customization options. We can blend the beneficial aspects of one method into another.

Choose from existing courses, or we can modify a course to address specific documents or build a fully custom training solution. 

We'll recommend the best solution that improves employee writing in the shortest time while maximizing your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different?
  • Scenario-based instructor feedback that no other company offers.
  • Individual instructor feedback for every course, no matter the method of training.
  • Ongoing writing support, after training ends.
  • Flexible training, customized to your company’s needs.
  • All content is developed by our business writing experts experienced in adult learning.
  • Guaranteed to improve employee writing.
  • A preferred vendor of top corporations (DuPont, Ernst & Young, FedEx, Shell, Liberty Mutual, USAA, the U.S. Army).
  • Consistently ranked by clients as "great value," "great instruction," and "would recommend to a colleague."
Do you provide a discount for groups?

Yes, the larger the group, the higher the discount. Please contact us for volume pricing options.

Who are the instructors?

We pride ourselves on our excellent teaching staff. Our staff brings the topic of business writing alive in a way that is both educational and enjoyable. Our instructors have strong educational and communication credentials, with a minimum standard of college-level experience teaching writing.

This pedagogical approach adds a rich experience to your online or onsite course. Our courses are delivered through unique, scenario-based activities. Content has been developed to engage adults in a way that is valuable, engaging, and fun.

You can read our instructor's bios here.

Do you offer other business writing training and support options?

Live Instructor-Led Group Webinar: Review of an actual work document, plus any additional writing questions addressed from online course work. 

Document Review: Instructor review and detailed written feedback of an actual work document. 

Individual Live Coaching Session: 1:1 review of an actual work document, plus coaching on individual writing issues via the web. 

Our company's entire focus is helping people to work better by writing better, so we can construct whatever support or training you need. 

Contact us for more info about any of our training options.

Should I choose self-paced or instructor-led training for my team?

There are benefits to each delivery option of online self-paced, instructor-led virtual, and instructor-led onsite training!

Please read this detailed article about each option, and then let's talk about which is best for your team and budget.

Is it worth training my team?

Business writing training is an investment in your team that pays for itself in productivity gains alone. Additionally, more professional and correct writing elevates the perception of your team. Use our ROI Calculator to calculate the cost of poor writing and the savings from training. Many managers are surprised at the true cost of slow and ineffective writing.

How are online courses administered?

Each participant will get their own account to log in to our learning management system. Once logged in, they can access the materials 24/7 from any internet-connected device. Course progress is visually tracked through the platform.

Instructors are available for any questions and will provide detailed feedback on participant writing. 

Your team's progress can be viewed from our tracking portal so you can see participants' status at any time.

What are the benefits of training my team?
  1. Consistent and improved writing standards across a team or division.

  2. Employees spend less time on each document.

  3. Employee writing becomes an asset to the business and a career asset to the employee.

  4. Documents better elicit business objectives and increase productivity. 

Is instructor feedback included?

All of our courses, regardless of the delivery structure, include instructor feedback.

Self-paced courses innately include the most instructor feedback. Depending on the course, it will include detailed written feedback or a live coaching session. 

Instructor-led courses include many exercises and feedback opportunities and most group training includes individual feedback, also. This video clip will illustrate a group writing exercise in action in onsite training. Live, virtual training is similarly interactive using breakout rooms for small group or peer discussion. 

To truly improve writing, it's essential that your employees have the opportunity to write and receive individual feedback. This ensures they can demonstrate their skills instead of merely understanding concepts theoretically. 

With our award-winning instructor feedback, you will receive:

Objective feedback

  • Does the document have a clear purpose and business objective?

  • Is the document based fully on reader perspective?

  • Does the reader have all the content needed (and none that is not needed) to achieve the business objective of the document?

  • Is this information categorized well, or is there any "information dumping?"

  • Is it sequenced well? Did it open with the business objective? Was a buffer needed for this reader or this situation?

  • Grammar review, corrections, and correction resources.

  • Does the format support quick understanding for your reader?

Subjective feedback

  • Is your tone too blunt or too timid?

  • Are your word choices clear and strong?

  • Can you cut any unnecessary words?

  • Are there any grammar errors?

  • Your instructor will recommend resources and make corrections for you.

  • This provides both measurements and feedback so you can hone in on the writing issues that will most improve the impact of your business writing.

Individual feedback can be added to any virtual or onsite training as well.

Ready to turn employee writing into a business asset?

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