Option 1

An Existing Self-Paced Online Course for Your Group

Even our existing online group courses have inherent customization.

Participants submit their writing goals and requirements in the first course lesson. The instructor tailors course writing exercise feedback to match these identified goals.

Additionally, once everyone completes the course, we schedule a live one-hour group webinar with the instructor and your group. Adding this live group webinar enables us to customize the training with a review of your actual work documents. View Existing Courses

  • Immediate access
  • Individualized writing feedback
  • Customized live group webinar
Option 2

Modify an Existing Online or Onsite Course

For both online and onsite courses, we take an existing course, or sections of several courses, and modify exercises, document examples, and resources to ensure the content is fully targeted to your goals and writing requirements.

We analyze your sample documents, review your writing requirements, and even interview sample participants to learn what frustrates them and where writing blocks occur to modify the course to fit your specific issues.

This offers the benefit of a customized course with less expense for you since we’re leaning on core resources already developed. View Existing Courses

An existing course framework, with custom exercises, resources, and annotated examples
Less expense and time requirements for you
Addresses your unique documents
Option 3

Build a Fully Customized Online or Onsite Course

We can build a fully customized course to address specialized writing requirements. This option is available for both online and onsite courses and is suitable for a large group.

For example, we developed a fully custom course for DuPont Public Affairs that addressed the very unique writing requirements of single-sentence daily notes to alert senior leadership of field issues, value proposition statements, and internal marketing newsletters. This course was 100% custom and all examples were based on actual unique DuPont documents. Contact us about creating a custom course.

  • A customized course built specifically for your group
  • Address unusual writing requirements or documents
  • Customized lessons, exercises, resources, annotated examples, and assessments
Custom Course Process
  • 1Create Project Brief
  • 2Identify Requirements
  • 3Design Custom Course
  • 4Enroll and Educate
Info Don’t Forget:

All our online courses include individual instructor feedback.

See an example of individual instructor feedback.


Online or Onsite?

We can construct very flexible online or onsite delivery logistics to match what’s best for your group, customized as you need.

For example, we often add a live group webinar at the conclusion of an online course to bring in live group discussion. Conversely, we can add individual document review or live coaching after onsite training.

Options are flexible so let’s schedule a call so we can discuss the best delivery option for your group.

Just browsing? View this two-page summary that compares the benefits of each delivery option.

Compare Online vs. Onsite Courses

Custom Course Examples

We have worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of participants. Here are a few examples of the custom courses we created for the following organizations.


Fully Custom Online Course

Liberty Mutual

Fully Custom Online Course

Ernst and Young

Modified Custom Onsite Course


Modified Custom Onsite Course

US Army
U.S. Army

Modified Custom Onsite Course

Rhode & Schwarz

Modified Customized Onsite Course

girl at desk studying

Webinar Online

Lincoln Financial

Existing Online Course

Shell Oil

Existing Online Course

Instructors (1)


Our instructors all have graduate degrees in writing, have taught business writing at the college level, and know that their work directly impacts our clients’ careers. They care.

Different instructors specialize in particular areas of writing and industries. We always match the right instructor to the right project.

If you have any questions about which instructor you will be working with, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

Read Instructor Bios


How are you different?

  • A preferred vendor of top corporations (DuPont, Ernst & Young, FedEx, Shell, Liberty Mutual, USAA, the U.S. Army).
  • Proven expertise in business writing since 1998.
  • Consistently ranked by clients as "great value," "great instruction," and "would recommend to a colleague."
  • Scenario-based instructor feedback that no other company offers.
  • Ongoing writing support, after training ends.
  • Flexible training, customized to your company’s needs.
  • All content is developed by our business writing experts experienced in adult learning.
  • Learn in the comfort of your own office or preferred venue.

Do you provide a discount for groups?

Yes, the larger the group, the higher the discount. Please contact us for bulk pricing options.

Who are the instructors?

We pride ourselves on our excellent teaching staff. Our staff brings the topic of business writing alive in a way that is both educational and enjoyable. Our instructors have strong educational and communication credentials, with a minimum standard of college-level experience teaching writing. This pedagogical approach adds a rich experience to your online or onsite course. Our courses are delivered through unique, scenario-based activities. Content has been developed to engage adults in a way that is valuable, engaging, and fun. You can read our instructor's bios here.

Do you offer other training options?

Live Instructor-Led Group Webinar: Review of an actual work document, plus any additional writing questions addressed from online course work. Contact us for more info.

Document Review: Instructor review and detailed written feedback of an actual work document. Contact us for more info.

Individual Live Coaching Session: 1:1 review of an actual work document, plus coaching on individual writing issues via the web. Learn more here.

Should I choose online or onsite training?

There are benefits to both online and onsite training. We suggest reading our PDF that compares the two options and then scheduling a call with us.

Is it worth training my team?

Business writing training is an investment in your team that pays for itself in productivity gains alone. Additionally, more professional and correct writing elevates the perception of your team. Use our ROI Calculator to calculate the cost of poor writing and the savings from training. Many managers are surprised at the true cost of slow and ineffective writing.

How are online courses administered?

Each participant will get their own account to log in to our learning management system. Once logged in, they can access the materials 24/7 from any internet-connected device. Course progress is tracked through the platform and is also where we administer quizzes and provide instructor feedback.

What are the benefits of training my team?

  1. Consistent and improved writing standards across a team or division

  2. Employees spend less time on each document

  3. Employees harness writing tools and systems for long-term effectiveness

  4. Documents better elicit business objectives and increase productivity and sales

Is there instructor feedback?

All courses include instructor feedback. Click here to see a real example of the feedback that we give.

With our award-winning instructor feedback, you will receive:

Objective feedback:

  • Does the document have a clear purpose and business objective?
  • Is the document based fully on reader perspective?
  • Does the reader have all the content needed (and none that is not needed) to achieve the business objective of the document?
  • Is this information categorized well, or is there any "information dumping?"
  • Is it sequenced well? Did it open with the business objective? Was a buffer needed for this reader or this situation?
  • Grammar review, corrections, and correction resources.
  • Does the format support quick understanding for your reader?

Subjective feedback:

  • Is your tone too blunt or too timid?
  • Are your word choices clear and strong?
  • Can you cut any unnecessary words?
  • Are there any grammar errors?
  • Your instructor will recommend resources and make corrections for you.
  • This provides both measurements and feedback so you can hone in on the writing issues that will most improve the impact of your business writing.

Interested in a course for your group?

Contact us to learn what program we suggest for your group.