Business Grammar Course

Grammar, Punctuation, Consistency, and Clarity Resolved in Business Documents

Grammar Writing Course Working On Computer

Learn to use correct business grammar, consistent punctuation, and convey professionalism in your business writing.

This course is ideal for global teams comprised of non-native employees.

  • Identify errors in grammar and punctuation
  • Practice correcting grammar and punctuation
  • Emphasize consistency and professionalism
  • Eliminate bloated language

This course is broken down into three segments:

  1. Process
    When to focus on grammar and punctuation to save time and minimize errors.

  2. Explanation and Practice
    Clarity Issues

  3. Consistency
    Consistent, professional content across all documents

Course Certificate


After completing the course, participants will earn a personalized certificate. You can display your certificate in the certification section of your LinkedIn profile, download to print, or mention in your résumé.

Course Outline

This is highly interactive training that achieves proven results. We will correct the most common general business grammar errors, and also identify and correct the particular errors presenting with your group.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your team write correct and consistent documents.

 Review Business Grammar Course Outline

Here is a video excerpt from course materials explaining the correct use of articles. (Articles are a very common error for non-native business writers.)

This course is available to groups onsite or via three 75-minute webinars.

For individual training, let us recommend the right course for you. All of our business writing courses identify and correct individual business grammar issues.

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Let's discuss the right grammar correction approach.

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My biggest issue was having/taking the time to review emails prior to hitting the send button. The course helped me find and correct my grammar errors much faster. It also reminded me of the importance of reviewing my writing.


I will apply what I've learned in everyday business and in my personal life to write correctly and more professionally. The instructor was very passionate and clear about what was presented, which helps the audience retain and learn.

Sales Representative
Macmillan Publishing

Key Outcomes

  • Correctly punctuate paragraphs, sentences, bullet points and graphics
  • Recognize and correct errors in sentence structure, capitalization and number use
  • Choose the correct word for commonly mistaken word choice errors: me/myself/I, affect/effect, anxious/eager, ensure/assure and more
  • Edit correctly, following current guidelines and resources
  • Identify each participant's particular errors and provide resources and a process to eliminate them from your writing

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Course Instructors


Grace Cuddy

Grace worked as a writing tutor at Elon University, where she focused on working with non-native writers and business information flow. She is a successful blogger, and adept at business writing in social media and collaborative writing.

She holds a B.A. in International Studies and Communication from Elon University, and has completed graduate work in Composition and Rhetoric from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. She has supported training for our clients at DuPont, Liberty Mutual, USTA, Transocean, and Hillphoenix with stellar client reviews. 

She is bilingual in English and Spanish, and has traveled extensively, providing a keen sensitivity to global writing. She lives in New York City.


Katie Almeida Spencer

Katie is an experienced English as a Second Language instructor, tutor, and teacher trainer. She is currently teaching Business Communication and Academic Writing at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is very skilled at evaluating both the substance and language of business documents. Her writing critiques and instruction have received stellar evaluations from our clients at DuPont, Liberty Mutual, and Greenwood Resources.

She holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Rhode Island and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

She loves to travel, has intermediate level Spanish skills, and is working on her French for her next trip. She lives in Boston when she is not traveling.