Meet vs. See - Learn the difference [English Grammar Lesson]

by Katie Almeida Spencer on Tue, Apr 2, 2019

Quick answer:

Use MEET for the first time you see someone or when you are seeing them because you have plans or an appointment. Use SEE for all other situations.

Consider this scenario:

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How to Write a Winning Business Proposal [Ultimate Guide for 2019]

by Mary Cullen on Mon, Mar 4, 2019



A strong business proposal is a top opportunity to win new business. It is the ultimate sales document, a condensed version of all the value your solution brings to a client’s problem.

Yet, not every proposal puts your business’s best foot forward. There are a lot of aspects to consider. From the audience to the content to the formatting, each part of a winning business proposal requires thoughtful planning and development.

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What is the Best Quarter Abbreviation Format? (Q1, First Quarter, IVQ, 1st qtr)

by Mary Cullen on Wed, Feb 13, 2019

As we kick off the first quarter of 2019, many of us are planning work and strategies across the year. Business typically breaks years down by quarters as we plan that work. A client from one of our courses recently asked a good question:

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3 Important Skills You'll Acquire with Proposal Writing Training

by Tom DuPuis on Wed, Jan 9, 2019

Writing a proposal is one of the most important processes in business, and knowing the key elements of a great proposal versus a good or average proposal can make a world of difference to your career and to your business revenue. Here are some key elements for a successful proposal that you will discuss and practice throughout your proposal writing training:

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Since vs. Because [Are They Interchangeable?]

by Mary Cullen on Mon, Nov 12, 2018

According to the APA Style Blog, "since" and "because" have specific meanings and should not be interchanged:

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How Many Spaces Should Be After a Period? (One vs. Two)

by Mary Cullen on Fri, Oct 12, 2018

Image from Cult of Pedagogy

Here is a client question received today, which I often hear in business writing courses:

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Instructional Solutions Celebrates 20 Years [Here is What We Learned]

by Mary Cullen on Wed, Sep 26, 2018

I’d like to share with you why I founded Instructional Solutions 20 years ago this month and offer three tips about writing, business, and life.

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87 Advanced Business Writing Tips [That Actually Work]

by Mary Cullen on Wed, Sep 19, 2018

I'm excited to share these top 87 business writing tips with you.

They were honed while I studied English Literature and Rhetoric, taught writing at the university level, and worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies to help people write better at work. Many of these tips come directly from our award winning online business writing courses

My hope is these tips help you enjoy writing, better communicate at work, get ahead in your career, and grow your business!

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17 Proofreading Techniques for Business Communication

by Mary Cullen on Mon, Jun 18, 2018

Proofreading Techniques

Finally. Your document is just about complete. It’s been written, reviewed, compiled, and re-reviewed. With the final edits in place, it’s now ready to be proofread.

Proofreading can seem like a simple task in business communication. However, the attention to detail and intense focus it requires means that proofreading is as challenging as it is important.

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127 Top Business Jargon Examples [And How to Fix Them]

by Mary Cullen on Tue, Jun 5, 2018

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