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Business Writing Seminar Topic Training via Webinar

Do you want to focus on one particular business writing topic, most related to your particular challenges or job requirement? Schedule a live, one-hour, instructor-led individual training session, delivered via webinar. 

Fee: Individuals: $450. Groups: $2600 up to 12 participants (enrollment caps at 12 to ensure interactivity.)

Current Business Writing Topic Webinars:

  • Perfect Punctuation
    This one-hour live training illustrates how to correctly punctuate the three most common business writing punctuation errors:
    • Ending punctuation in bullet lists
    • How and when to use contractions
    • Using commas correctly in introductory clauses 
  • Manage Email: Improve Productivity
    This session explains how to best manage your inbox and email practices to maximize information flow and regain your time. 
  • Write to the Point: Eliminate Wordiness
    This session examines best practices to eliminate deadwood from your writing, to create concise and interesting text. Goal: reduce the length of most documents by 20%.

  • Format: Improve Absorbability
    Your readers receive hundreds of messages a day. Learn how to format your messages to cut through this overload and increase at-a-glance absorbability for your reader. This session focuses on email format, but techniques are applicable for all documents.

  • Business Writing Grammar
    This session examines your particular identified grammar topic. Typical topics are subject/verb agreement, its vs. it's, run-on and fragmented sentences, word choice errors, split infinitives and the question of using me, myself or I. However, you can identify any grammar topic you wish corrected.
Discounts for existing clients and additional topics are available. Contact us for pricing and to discuss your preferred topics.

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Business Writing Seminar Registration


  • Training on individual topics.
  • Cost-effective method to correct individual issues.
  • No travel time and minimal time out of work.
  • instructor-led and interactive.

Availability and Fees

Business Writing Seminars are available:

  • Online for individuals (Live, individualized instruction and support.) Fee - $250
  • Online for groups (Live, instructor-led group training on your topic. Fee - $1600 (Existing client discounts and additional topics available.)
  • Fees

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Key Outcomes

  • The ability to understand what your buyers are looking for.
  • The ability to use that information in your proposal
  • The ability to create a wholesome proposal with all the essential
  • The ability to format it in a nice package

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