Onsite Business Writing Courses and Workshops [For Teams]

Instructional Solutions Custom Onsite Business Writing Courses bring our industry-recognized expertise into your office to engage and improve your employees writing skills. These in person seminars are highly vetted, results-oriented, and ensure all attendees write better at work.

Better writing makes better business. Managers understand the value of clear and effective business communication from their staff, both internally and externally. Yet, editing and advising is not an efficient way to increase the overall writing skill of employees.

Effective business writing will enhance productivity, boost sales, and increase profitability. Poor communication causes costly errors, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities, all of which can be easily avoided.

Custom on-site writing courses are a short-term investment that produced long-term results.


Experienced Instructors

We pride ourselves on our excellent teaching staff. Our staff brings the topic of business writing alive in a way that is both educational and enjoyable. Our instructors have strong educational and communication credentials, with a minimum standard of college-level experience teaching writing. This pedagogical experience adds a rich experience to your onsite course.

Our courses are delivered through unique, scenario-based activities. Content has been developed to engage adults in a way that is valuable, engaging, and fun. Here are testimonials from some clients:

"The training helps me to think more consciously about my readers and the action I expect from them. The instructions and feedback I got will help me write texts that are clearer and engaging for the reader."
-Public Affairs Executive, DuPont

"I just wanted to thank you again for helping me gain clarity in my business writing, helping me put together my first executive summary, and for all the tips on managing all the information I gather on a daily basis. These courses are invaluable. Any other courses you offer here at USAA I’d attend and I’d recommend those I’ve taken to anyone wanting to improve on their business communication. So, thank you!"
- Business Analyst, USAA

"OK, I admit it. I did not want to attend today’s training because I am so busy. However, I am so glad I did. This was a fantastic class, and the discussion of user requirement documents and project status reports was illuminating. I can see already how much time I will save using these techniques. The instructor was excellent and really kept things on target and interesting."
- Business Analyst, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group


Course Content Built for Your Company

Each course is customized for the writing needs of your company and the trends of your industry. Our staff develops training that is targeted to your company, based on the best research and instructional design processes.

Course outcomes are targeted and developed based on management’s goals. Actual company documents are reviewed and assessed by Instructional Solution’s teaching staff in order to understand the work type and standards. Our staff also interview a sample group of participants in advance to discover their writing challenges and goals.

All this information is used to create an onsite learning experience that matches the exact needs of your company. The course delivers high-value content to make significant and targeted improvements in staff’s writing communication skills.


Real-World Examples & Tools

Industry: Science Company
Problem: Promoting company products that are used as ingredients, not final products.
Solution: A customized online course was developed for all public affairs and commercial marketing employees that taught how to write a strong value proposition statement and offered instructor feedback and coaching.

Rohde and Schwarz
Industry: Mobile and Wireless Communications
Problem: Senior leaders needed to better express achievements in varied product lines to global corporate office
Solution: A customized onsite seminar/workshop required for all senior leadership called “The Art of the Executive Summary” that enabled participants to extract and summarize significant information from complex and vast reports.

Instructors provide real-world examples of poor writing, to allow thoughtful critique of common but ineffective writing habits.

The onsite course uses Instructional Solutions vast library of resources. These proven tools are used to support the onsite learning process. Additionally, after the course is completed, these resources act as ongoing references on effective business writing. Employees understand how to use these tools in order to maintain and improve their own writing, extending the effectiveness of the onsite course.

The educational support also continues after course completion. Our staff is available to answer any general business writing questions through email for 12 months. 

Better Writing in Less Time

Upon completion, your employees will have the resources to continue to improve their own business writing. Staff will need less time to write more effective documents using the tools and strategies learned in this course. Documents will be stronger as they will be written in a purpose-based way, with a clear focus on your industry’s needs. In addition, internal communication will be improved, allowing for increased productivity.

How We Are Different
  • A preferred vendor of top corporations (DuPont, Ernst & Young, FedEx, Shell, Liberty Mutual, USAA, the US Army).
  • Proven expertise in business writing since 1998.
  • Consistently ranked by clients as "great value," "great instruction," and "would recommend to a colleague."
  • Scenario-based instructor feedback that no other company offers.
  • Ongoing writing support, after training ends.
  • Flexible training, customized to your company’s needs.
  • All content developed by our business writing experts experienced in adult learning.
  • Learn in the comfort of your own office or preferred venue.

Available for groups at your location.

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Key Outcomes

  • Consistent and improved writing standards across a team or division.
  • Employees spend less time on each document
  • Employees harness writing tools and systems for long-term effectiveness.
  • Documents better elicit business objectives, increasing productivity and sales.


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